"Que nunca te falte amor... mas, se faltar, sabes onde me encontrar."

Bem Vindos ao Cantinho de Imagens da Guerreira

quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012


Fantástico Mundo das Fadas

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  1. In the world of fantasy, we can think and feel, without anyone to ban or rebuke. It is an enchanted world where fairies fly by us and for us. It is a world where dream and dreams are real, even if the reality does not confirm our fantasy wishes. Live and live forever dreaming my wishes are so that neither prohibited. Fantastic world of fantasy. Beautiful image.

  2. Thanks anonymous ... I'm glad you enjoyed it because I love fairies and I'm like they live in a fantasy world, flying through this world, the enchanted world of love, and is so good! I appreciate your visit and come back often.
    Warrior of the Eagle


Bem vindos... volte sempre!